Jan 28 reservation necessary Sun. 19:30 - 22:00 Shinjuku Sport Center (small room) (3F) 1(*)

 (*) When only one court is available, we have to limit the number of players to 21 players. In order to attend such sessions, a reservation is necessary : please send an email with your full name and the date of the session to :


See the rules concerning reservation for 1 court sessions below.

Court fee: 1,500 Yen per person

Our club is not covered by health insurance and cannot be deemed responsible for any accidents or personal injuries. In this sense, please be careful not to hurt yourself during the games. Thank you for your cooperation.

Rules about reservation for 1 court sessions :

1) If you show up without having made your reservation and if there are free places, you can join immediately. If the 21 places are already reserved, you will be asked to wait 30mn. If after 30mn some persons having reserved don't show up their places will be given to you on the first come first served base.

2) If you reserve and don't show up within the first 30mn of the session your place might be given to someone who came without making a reservation.

3) If you reserve and don't show up twice, the next time you reserve you won't get a place immediately but instead will be put on a waiting list.