Welcome to Intervoll - Tokyo International Volleyball Club

Who We Are
Intervoll welcomes volleyball players who have at least a basic level. Members of Intervoll come from all over the world. The volleyball club's goal is to develop a community with diverse members who share a common interest in volleyball. Please click here to see the countries that have been represented in Intervoll's history.

How We Play
The club's volleyball play is for fun and not competitive. Teams consisting of basic level players and advanced players are created at the beginning of practice. Teams go through a rotation that allows each team to play every other team. Once the rotation is complete, new teams are created and a new rotation begins.

When and Where We Play
Intervoll has games about once or twice every month. Our schedule depends on the availability of the volleyball courts for our rental. The games are either at Shinjuku Sports Center or Shinjuku Cosmic Sports Center. Please click here for a map to the gymnasiums.

The first 30mn are for individual warm up exercises. Then teams are created and games begin soon after.

How Much
Games are 1500 Yen per person per practice. The fee should be paid to an Intervoll representative at the volleyball courts at the biginning of the session. Please do not buy volleyball court tickets at the gymnasium ticket vending machines. Intervoll is not a for-profit organization. Collected fees disburse court rental fees.

Other Notes
Both gymnasiums offer coin lockers and showers. Please bring a 100 Yen coin to use the lockers and a towel for the showers. Locking the coin locker requires a 100 Yen deposit. Unlocking the locker will return your 100 Yen coin.

Contact Us
If you have any questions or concerns, please feel free to contact our representatives. Please click here for a listing of people who can answer your questions.